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We’re proud Aussie sisters who can throw back cupcakes like no one’s business and love escaping reality up with a good book (boyfriend)

AA Creative Co Team

I’m a global marketing strategist for authors and I'm on a mission to help you make more 💰💰💰  and grow your fanbase.

I know a thing or two about online marketing because I’ve been around for a thing or two.


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Hey, I’m Ash

Chapter 1:
The Corporate Era

After transitioning from a visual merchandiser to a marketing exec, I plunged headfirst into social media, web design, and email marketing — and I fell in LOVE.


Chapter 2: Burnout

As great as the pay checks were, my job came at the cost of work-life balance. I routinely worked from 6 AM to 7 PM, taking just enough time for a quick dinner, before diving back into my laptop until 11 PM. With three kids and a wife, I knew something had to change.

Chapter 3: A Serendipitous Moment

One fateful day, a friend approached me to help her promote her new book on TikTok. As a bookworm myself, I happily lent a hand. We not only grew her TikTok presence but also expanded to Instagram, YouTube, and even opened her very own bookstore!


Chapter 4: AA Creative Co. is Born

Through that experience, I uncovered a world of authors in need of support. And that’s when AA Creative Co was born. It brings me so much joy to help authors find success and share their work with the world. 

Chapter 5: (Not) The End

Now, I have the freedom to prioritise my family and a fulfilling job I’m grateful for every day. Where do we go from here? I’m excited to find out where the next chapter leads!


My story cover to cover



As our dedicated e-commerce manager, Ceara brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a sharp focus on optimising online sales and enhancing the customer experience, Ceara will guide you through the intricacies of e-commerce, ensuring that your business thrives in the competitive online marketplace.

Get to know us!


Ash: Haunting Adeline - H.D Carlton
Ceara: Avery - Charlotte McConaghy


Ash: Iced skim latte, 1 sug
Ceara: Water. Always water.


Ash: Selling Sunset. I need their stylist!
Ceara: Vanderpump Rules (season 10 has been like no other)


Ash: Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Ceara: Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys

Fav movies

Ash: Twilight (don’t judge — it’s my comfort series)
Ceara: Harry Potter movies


Ash: Online shopping when anything in my life hasn’t gone to plan
Ceara: Forcing my husband to binge-watch trash tv with me

OUR small but mighty team of creatives

We believe that true magic happens with collaboration. Our small but mighty team of talented content creators share a common passion, vision, and expertise — and putting our heads together has brought exceptional results to so many of our clients worldwide.

So whether you partner with Ash, Ceara, or another member of our team, rest assured your brand will be in good hands!

We don’t do…

  • One-size-fits all plug-and-play marketing
  • Yawn-inducing, cliché content
  • Tiktok dances (unless you’re into it)
  • Idea bullying

We are all about…

  • Creating content as stunning as it is strategic
  • Face-to-face, heart-to-heart collaboration
  • Results-driven marketing that’s also fun
  • Meeting you where you’re at
  • Crushing your goals (and then some)
  • Making you the MC of your real-life story


"Their work ethic and content are reliable and above my expectations."

“Working with AA Creative Co. has been an absolute dream. Communication is clear and consistent. Their work ethic and content are reliable and above my expectations. I'm so very happy to have partnered up with them!”

- Author, Willow Winters

"Ash has been absolutely wonderful to work with!"

"Her communication is excellent, and she designed a beautiful website and shop that looks 100x better than I could've imagined. I'd highly recommend her services!"

- Author, S. Massery

"You will not look back once you see the fantastic work they can create for you."

“My website needed an upgrade with the addition of a shop that would meet my needs now and in the future. Along came AA Creative Co, and without hassle, they’ve taken the time to discuss all areas to improve my business.”

- Author, K.E. Osborn

"AA Creative Co.’s work is beautiful, and they’re a dream to work with!"

"I'm in awe of their work every day and how lovely posts look on my accounts. They also study my posts and know what elements of my business I should be promoting. It's been so great working with them, and I highly recommend their services."

- Author, Eden O'Neill

alright, let's get honest here for a moment...👇

Sure, you could hire the first marketing agency that pops up on Google

But they don't specialise the way we do!

If you’re looking for someone who understands the intricacies of building an engaging online platform specifically for authors, you’re in the right place.

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